Sep 23


Joly and Bossuet in the 25th anniversary (yep, they died together)

Sep 23


These #tbt photos from filming Rent from Tracie Thom’s Instagram are making my entire life!

Sep 23

quote The floor is lava!

— Everyone, Pompeii, 79 A.D. (via ahkep)
Sep 23
  • teacher: you can't bullshit this essay
  • me (under my breath): if you're an ameteur
Sep 23



she likes carrying around random rags for no reason

my dog is literally the biggest idiot

Sep 23

quote Hate to break it to you mom, but my friends do not care if my room is messy, They care whether or not there’s food here…

Renoirs (via renoirs)
Sep 23

Coming to your galaxy this summer.

Sep 23


kids today google, not giggle. they play angry birds instead of getting angry AT birds. they all have an ipad but no iq. not even one. they playstation but they never play station. i.e. one pretending to be a train and the others pretending to be different trains or low paid maintenance workers. they’re obsessed with one direction, rather than enjoying all eight directions equally. facebook… but unable to face… a book. or a hoop with a stick. a lost generation. the tv show.

Sep 22





This little scene broke my heart. The girl who believed in nargles, in wrackspurts and blibbering humdingers, has become the girl who believed no more.

See, the thing that nobody understands, is that Luna believed in things that had proof. She’s a Ravenclaw, a genius, an expert in the unseen but proven. I mean, if she’d started talking about Thestrals before Harry had been able to see them, saying that there was an invisible winged horse pulling the carriages that only people that had witnessed death could see? You’d have thought THAT was crazy, too. 

Luna knows Nargles and Wrackspurts are out there. As far as she knows, there’s proof of it. 

But seashells hanging in a door? Those don’t do anything, nothing but give you a false sense of security.

It’s not that Luna doesn’t believe. It’s that now, as always, she’s frank and straightforward. Seashells can’t keep the evil at bay. Nothing can.

Thank you. She is not a naive little kid who believes everything you tell her. She just knows some things we don’t. Because she looks harder.

Without context it kind of looks like the beginning of a horror movie. They think they ward against evil, but they’re wrong. It brings evil in…

Sep 22


Nikki M. James as Eponine in Les Miserables